Reconsideration of the Epicanthus: Evolution of the Eyelid and the Devolutional Concept of Asian Blepharoplasty.

  title={Reconsideration of the Epicanthus: Evolution of the Eyelid and the Devolutional Concept of Asian Blepharoplasty.},
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Double eyelidplasty is the most frequent cosmetic procedure for Asians; however, the epicanthal fold has been a conundrum that has limited the cosmetic results of Asian blepharoplasty. To achieve satisfactory results in an Asian double eyelidplasty, the key is an understanding of the true nature of the epicanthus. We propose that the epicanthus developed in the eyelid's evolutionary process. Selective detachment and superomedial reposition of the preseptal portion of the upper orbicularis… Expand
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