Reconfiguring the Akedah and Recasting God: Lament and Divine Abandonment in Mark

  title={Reconfiguring the Akedah and Recasting God: Lament and Divine Abandonment in Mark},
  author={Matthew S. Rindge},
  journal={Journal of Biblical Literature},
  pages={755 - 774}
  • M. Rindge
  • Published 2012
  • Philosophy
  • Journal of Biblical Literature
In 1975, Nils A. Dahl identified God as the "neglected factor" in NT theology and encouraged scholars to pay more attention to the treatment of God in NT texts.1 Markan scholarship seems to confirm Dahl s critique; scholars of the Second Gospel evince minimal interest in Mark's understanding of God.2 As a way of redressing this lacuna, I propose that Jesus' cry of dereliction (Mark 15:34) is a helpful starting point for illuminating Mark's depiction of God. 


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