Reconfiguration of four legged walking robot for actuator faults


This paper presents fault tolerant control through reconfiguration of a four legged walking robot. It is assumed that the walking robot motion is in sagittal plane and it follows the bounding gait. The bond graph model of walking robot in sagittal plane is developed. A novel and simple attitude control device based on the motion of the moving appendage is… (More)
DOI: 10.1177/0959651811410257


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@article{Krishnan2010ReconfigurationOF, title={Reconfiguration of four legged walking robot for actuator faults}, author={V. L. Krishnan and Pushparaj Mani Pathak and Satish C. Jain and Arun K. Samantaray}, journal={J. Systems & Control Engineering}, year={2010}, volume={226}, pages={11-26} }