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Reconfigurable VLSI architecture for FFT processor

  title={Reconfigurable VLSI architecture for FFT processor},
  author={Tze-Yun Sung and Hsi‐Chin Hsin and Lu-Ting Ko},
  journal={WSEAS Transactions on Circuits and Systems archive},
This paper presents a reusable intellectual property (IP) Coordinate Rotation Digital Computer (CORDIC)-based split-radix fast Fourier transform (FFT) core for orthogonal frequency division multiplexer (OFDM) systems, for example, Ultra Wide Band (UWB), Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL), Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB), Digital Video Broadcasting - Terrestrial (DVB-T), Very High Bitrate DSL (VHDSL), and Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access (WiMAX). The high-speed 128/256/512… Expand
A Novel Approach to Reduce Area and Powerfor FFT Implementation
This paper proposes to design a FFT block which is capable of computing N point FFT based on Radix-2 Decimation-In-Time (DIT) architecture with carry select adder (CSLA) and a gate level modification to CSLA. Expand
Programmable N-Point FFT Design
This paper develops a reconfigurable FFT processor that can take any number of points as input, and is not limited to sequence lengths that are powers of the radix. Expand
Pipelined CORDIC Architecture for FFT Processor Implementation on FPGA
This proposed work is the study of an efficient CORDIC algorithm for FFT processor implementation on FPGA. Due to use of Radix-4 speed get increases than Radix-2 in FFT computation. For twiddleExpand
Implementation of a reconfigurable ASIP for high throughput low power DFT/DCT/FIR engine
Overall the engine allows users to program a very wide range of applications with software-like ease, while delivering performance very close to hardware, which puts the engine in an excellent spot in the current wireless communications environment with its profusion of multi-mode and emerging standards. Expand
On The Design of High Perfprmance Reconfigurable DSP processor using FPGA
In this paper, a high performance reconfigurable combined architecture of Discrete Wavelet Transform (DWT), Matrix Multiplication and Fast Fourier Transform is presented. This reduces area and becomeExpand
Multiplierless, reconfigurable folded architecture for VLSI wavelet filter
In this paper, the high-efficient and reconfigurable architectures for the 9/7-5/3 discrete wavelet transform (DWT) based on convolution scheme are proposed. The proposed parallel and pipelinedExpand
ASIC implementation of high speed processor for calculating discrete Fourier transformation using circular convolution technique
ASIC implementation of high speed processor for calculating Discrete Fourier Transformation (DFT) based on circular convolution architectures is reported for the first time, with almost 50% improvement in speed from earlier reported DFT processors. Expand
Reconfigurable architecture for VLSI 9/7-5/3 wavelet filter
The high-efficient and reconfigurable lined-based architectures for the 9/7-5/3 discrete wavelet transform (DWT) based on lifting scheme are proposed and have regular structure, simple control flow, high throughput and high scalability, making them very suitable for new-generation image compression systems, such as JPEG-2000. Expand
A novel linear array for discrete cosine transform
Discrete cosine transform (DCT) and inverse DCT (IDCT) have been widely used in many image processing systems. In this paper, a novel linear-array of DCT and IDCT is derived from the data flow ofExpand
A low-cost PSoC architecture for long FFT
A system-level implementation of FFT architecture for long data series is presented. It exploits opportunities provided by the newest Programmable System-on-Chips (PSoC) to perform such intensiveExpand


Implementation of a programmable 64/spl sim/2048-point FFT/IFFT processor for OFDM-based communication systems
This paper designs and implements a programmable 64/spl sim/2048-point FFT/IFFT processor and implements the Processing Element by using CORDIC algorithm to replace the multiplier-based PE, and proposes /spl pi//4-prerotation and modified EEAS-CORDIC VLSI architecture to reduce the iteration number and quantization noise. Expand
Rapid IP Design of Variable-length Cached-FFT Processor for OFDM-based Communication Systems
This paper design and implement a variable-length FFT processor, which can perform 64~2048-point FFT operations at 75 MHz which meet the speed requirements of most OFDM standards such as WLAN, ADSL, VDSL, DAB, and DVB (2k mode). Expand
Memory-efficient and high-speed split-radix FFT/IFFT processor based on pipelined CORDIC rotations
The author presents a CORDIC-based split-radix fast Fourier transform (FFT)/inverse FFT (IFFT) processor dedicated to the computation of 2048/4096/8192-point discrete Fourier transforms (DFTs). TheExpand
A high-speed, low-complexity radix-2/sup 4/ FFT processor for MB-OFDM UWB systems
The proposed high-speed, low-complexity FFT architecture can provide a higher throughput rate and low hardware complexity by using 2-parallel data-path scheme and single-path delay-feedback (SDF) structure. Expand
Efficient Memory-Based FFT Architectures for Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB-T/H)
Results show that the developed parallel memory-based Radix-2 FFT architecture can achieve a latency of 140 us with 2.425 mm2 in area for N=8192, which is well suitable for being implemented in DVB-T/H. Expand
A Low Power and Small Area FFT Processor for OFDM Demodulator
Performance analysis shows that the proposed FFT architecture can meet the requirement of OFDM demodulators in DVB-T and other high speed wireless applications. Expand
A 1-GS/s FFT/IFFT processor for UWB applications
In this paper, we present a novel 128-point FFT/IFFT processor for ultrawideband (UWB) systems. The proposed pipelined FFT architecture, called mixed-radix multipath delay feedback (MRMDF), canExpand
High-speed and low-power split-radix FFT
A novel split-radix fast Fourier transform pipeline architecture design is presented to balance the latency between complex multiplication and butterfly operation by using carry-save addition and the number of complex multiplier is minimized via a bit-inverse and bit-reverse data scheduling scheme. Expand
A dynamic scaling FFT processor for DVB-T applications
This paper presents an 8192-point FFT processor for DVB-T systems, in which a three-step radix-8 FFT algorithm, a new dynamic scaling approach, and a novel matrix prefetch buffer are exploited. AboutExpand
Automatic Generation of Split-Radix 2-4 Parallel-Pipeline FFT Processors: Hardware Reconfiguration and Core Optimizations
The results presented in the article are based on a methodology for automatic synthesis of real-time split radix 2-4 parallel-pipeline FFT-processors at structural level and the considered design examples prove method's good abilities for hardware optimization. Expand