Reconfigurable Multi-Core scheduling for real-time functions in avionic mission systems


The number and complexity of real-time functions in light and small airsystem's (<;25kg) mission systems is steadily increasing. To provide the necessary computational power in a space-restricted environment, Multi-Core processors are used. Today, these Multi-Core processors are statically configured. To utilize the full potential of Multi-Core processors, the step towards dynamically reconfigurable phase-driven Multi-Core configurations has to be taken. In this paper, we will propose an opportunity for reconfigurable phase-driven real-time Multi-Core scheduling resting upon a knowledgebase. Especially we will illustrate the parameters for phase driven real-time tasks, the separation of function sets with mixed real-time requirements during operation, the feasibility and schedulability tests and mainly the creation algorithm of the Knowledgebase.

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@article{Hanti2015ReconfigurableMS, title={Reconfigurable Multi-Core scheduling for real-time functions in avionic mission systems}, author={Thomas Hanti and Andreas Frey and Wolfram Hardt}, journal={2015 IEEE/AIAA 34th Digital Avionics Systems Conference (DASC)}, year={2015}, pages={7A3-1-7A3-11} }