Recommendations on biomarker bioanalytical method validation by GCC.

  title={Recommendations on biomarker bioanalytical method validation by GCC.},
  author={Richard Hougton and Dominique L Gouty and J. Allinson and Rachel K. Green and Mike Losauro and Steve Lowes and Richard M Lelacheur and Fabio Garofolo and Philippe Couerbe and St{\'e}phane Bronner and Petra Struwe and Christine Schiebl and Timothy Sangster and Colin Pattison and Rafiq Islam and Wei Garofolo and Maria Pawula and Mike Buonarati and Roger Hayes and Mark C Cameron and Robert Nicholson and Jake Harman and Jaap Wieling and T J M de Boer and Scott Reuschel and Laura Cojocaru and Tammy Harter and Michele Malone and William L Nowatzke},
  volume={4 20},
The 5th GCC in Barcelona (Spain) and 6th GCC in San Antonio (TX, USA) events provided a unique opportunity for CRO leaders to openly share opinions and perspectives, and to agree upon recommendations on biomarker bioanalytical method validation. 

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