Recomendaciones para el soporte nutricional y metabólico especializado del paciente crítico: Actualización. Consenso SEMICYUC-SENPE: Cirugía del aparato digestivo

  title={Recomendaciones para el soporte nutricional y metab{\'o}lico especializado del paciente cr{\'i}tico: Actualizaci{\'o}n. Consenso SEMICYUC-SENPE: Cirug{\'i}a del aparato digestivo},
  author={Carmen S{\'a}nchez {\'A}lvarez and Magdalena de Aguirre and L. Bordej{\'e} Laguna},
Gastrointestinal surgery and critical illness place tremendous stress on the body, resulting in a series of metabolic changes that may lead to severe malnutrition, which in turn can increase postsurgical complications and morbidity and mortality and prolong the hospital length of stay. In these patients, parenteral nutrition is the most widely used form of nutritional support, but administration of enteral nutrition early in the postoperative period is effective and well tolerated… CONTINUE READING

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