Recombination of photodissociated iodine: a time-resolved x-ray-diffraction study.

  title={Recombination of photodissociated iodine: a time-resolved x-ray-diffraction study.},
  author={Michael Wulff and Savo Bratos and Anton Plech and Rodolphe Vuilleumier and Fabien Mirloup and Maciej Lorenc and Qingyu Kong and Hyotcherl Ihee},
  journal={The Journal of chemical physics},
  volume={124 3},
A time-resolved x-ray-diffraction experiment is presented that aims to study the recombination of laser-dissociated iodine molecules dissolved in CCl4. This process is monitored over an extended time interval from pico- to microseconds. The variations of atom-atom distances are probed with a milliangstrom resolution. A recent theory of time-resolved x-ray diffraction is used to analyze the experimental data; it employs the correlation function approach of statistical mechanics. The most… CONTINUE READING
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