Recombination map of the common shrew, Sorex araneus (Eulipotyphla, Mammalia).

  title={Recombination map of the common shrew, Sorex araneus (Eulipotyphla, Mammalia).},
  author={Pavel M Borodin and Tatyana V. Karamysheva and Nadezhda M. Belonogova and Anna A. Torgasheva and Nikolai B. Rubtsov and Jeremy B Searle},
  volume={178 2},
The Eurasian common shrew (Sorex araneus L.) is characterized by spectacular chromosomal variation, both autosomal variation of the Robertsonian type and an XX/XY(1)Y(2) system of sex determination. It is an important mammalian model of chromosomal and genome evolution as it is one of the few species with a complete genome sequence. Here we generate a high-precision cytological recombination map for the species, the third such map produced in mammals, following those for humans and house mice… CONTINUE READING


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