Recombination block in the Spore killer region of Neurospora.

  title={Recombination block in the Spore killer region of Neurospora.},
  author={Judith L. Campbell and Barbara C. Turner},
  volume={29 1},
Spore killers Sk-2K and Sk-3K are chromosomal meiotic drive factors in Neurospora. In heterozygous crosses, ascospores not containing the Spore killer die. Sk-2K and Sk-3K, which differ in killing specificity, were found to be associated with suppression of recombination in a centromere-spanning region of linkage group III, and investigation of that recombination block is reported here. The block covers a region that is normally 30 to 40 map units long. A locus (r(Sk-2)) conferring resistance… CONTINUE READING