Recombination between linear double-stranded DNA substrates in vivo.

  title={Recombination between linear double-stranded DNA substrates in vivo.},
  author={Kumaran Narayanan and Edmund Ui-Hang Sim and Nikolai V. Ravin and Choon Weng Lee},
  journal={Analytical biochemistry},
  volume={387 1},
Recombineering technology in Escherichia coli enables targeting of linear donor DNA to circular recipient DNA using short shared homology sequences. In this work, we demonstrate that recombineering is also able to support recombination between a pair of linear DNA substrates (linear/linear recombineering) in vivo in E. coli. Linear DNA up to 100 kb is accurately modified and remains intact without undergoing rearrangements after recombination. This system will be valuable for direct in vivo… CONTINUE READING