Recombination at his-3 in Neurospora declines exponentially with distance from the initiator, cog.

  title={Recombination at his-3 in Neurospora declines exponentially with distance from the initiator, cog.},
  author={Patricia Jane Yeadon and Lin Y Koh and Frederick James Bowring and John P. Rasmussen and David E. A. Catcheside},
  volume={162 2},
By deletion of 1.8 kb of sequence between cog(L) and his-3 and replacement with sequences of different lengths, we have generated a set of Neurospora strains in which the distance between cog(L) and the site at which recombination is selected varies from 1.7 to nearly 6 kb. Each of the manipulated strains includes cog(L), a highly active recombination hotspot, and rec-2, thus allowing high-frequency recombination. In addition, each is a his-3 mutant, either K26 or K480. The frequency of His… CONTINUE READING

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