Recombinant spider silk as matrices for cell culture.

  title={Recombinant spider silk as matrices for cell culture.},
  author={Mona Widhe and Helena Bysell and Sara Nystedt and Ingrid Schenning and Martin Malmsten and Jan Thomas Johansson and Anna Rising and My Hedhammar},
  volume={31 36},
The recombinant miniature spider silk protein, 4RepCT, was used to fabricate film, foam, fiber and mesh matrices of different dimensionality, microstructure and nanotopography. These matrices were evaluated regarding their suitability for cell culturing. Human primary fibroblasts attached to and grew well on all matrix types, also in the absence of serum proteins or other animal-derived additives. The highest cell counts were obtained on matrices combining film and fiber/mesh. The cells showed… CONTINUE READING