Recombinant marker allergens: diagnostic gatekeepers for the treatment of allergy.

  title={Recombinant marker allergens: diagnostic gatekeepers for the treatment of allergy.},
  author={Lili Kazemi-Shirazi and Verena Niederberger and Birgit Linhart and Jonas {\AA}. Lidholm and Dietrich Kraft and Rudolf Valenta},
  journal={International archives of allergy and immunology},
  volume={127 4},
During the past decade an increasing number of recombinant allergens have become available, representing a significant proportion of the epitope complexity of natural allergen extracts. Component-resolved diagnosis with recombinant allergens reveals the antibody reactivity profile of allergic patients and identifies the disease-eliciting allergen molecules. This article exemplifies how recombinant allergen molecules with high cross-reactive potential can be used as marker allergens to identify… CONTINUE READING

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