Recombinant bacterial amylopullulanases: developments and perspectives.

  title={Recombinant bacterial amylopullulanases: developments and perspectives.},
  author={M. Fathu Nisha and Tulasi Satyanarayana},
  volume={4 6},
Pullulanases are endo-acting enzymes capable of hydrolyzing α-1, 6-glycosidic linkages in starch, pullulan, amylopectin, and related oligosaccharides, while amylopullulanases are bifunctional enzymes with an active site capable of cleaving both α-1, 4 and α-1, 6 linkages in starch, amylose and other oligosaccharides, and α-1, 6 linkages in pullulan. The amylopullulanases are classified in GH13 and GH57 family enzymes based on the architecture of catalytic domain and number of conserved… CONTINUE READING

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