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Recognizing spirituality in the assessment and prevention of suicidal behaviour

  title={Recognizing spirituality in the assessment and prevention of suicidal behaviour},
  author={Erminia Colucci},
Parallel to the growing interest in spiritual life in mainstream culture, in Western culture there has been an increasing distinction between religion and spirituality. This article defines the concept of spirituality and its constitutive elements and presents evidence from the literature to show that, in spite of its importance for mental health patients and suicidal people, it is still an overlooked area in Suicidology. Not only are there relatively few studies addressing this topic, but… Expand
Spirituality and Wellbeing in the Context of a Study on Suicide Prevention in North India
The connection between spirituality and wellbeing, including its benefits for physical and mental health, has been recognized in the Eastern cultures for a very long time, although the sharp divisionExpand
Religion and spirituality along the suicidal path.
Indications for future research, such as more studies on nonreligious forms of spirituality and the use of qualitative methodology to achieve a better and deeper understanding of the spiritual dimension of suicidal behavior and treatment, are offered. Expand
"Maybe Jesus Was Suicidal Too": A Qualitative Inquiry into Religion and Spirituality in Suicide Attempts
Among the current trends in suicidology that hold promise for suicide prevention are a focus on new areas for empirical exploration and the employment of creative methodologies to ascertain theseExpand
Psychiatry Residents’ Attitudes Toward Spirituality in Psychiatry
This study aimed to explore the attitudes, experiences, and comfort levels of psychiatry residents at McGill University regarding spirituality in psychiatry, and to examine residents’ interest and past learning experiences in this area. Expand
Understanding the Motivation for Suicide from a Transpersonal Perspective: Research and Clinical Approaches
The field of psychology has amassed an enormous amount of theory and research attempting to understand the motivations for suicide. However, within the literature there is little consideration ofExpand
Spirituality as a Public Health Issue: The Potential Role of Spirituality in Promoting Health
  • R. Egan, F. Timmins
  • Political Science
  • Spirituality in Healthcare: Perspectives for Innovative Practice
  • 2019
The public health mandate is to improve, promote and protect human health and well-being: arguably, spirituality is both a dimension and a determinant of both. Although there is growing support for aExpand
Flaming Chalice of Hope: A Case Study of Suicide Prevention in a Faith Community
The integration of spiritual and emotional health is key for the development of a comprehensive public health approach to suicide prevention. Faith communities play a unique and powerful role inExpand
The meanings of suicidal behaviour to psychology students in Ghana: A qualitative approach
Religious beliefs and family harmony are cultural contexts influencing the interpretation of suicidal behaviour as breach of divine and communal moralities and the implications of these meanings for suicide prevention in Ghana are discussed. Expand
Spirituality in Healthcare: Perspectives for Innovative Practice
This introductory chapter explores contemporary understandings of spirituality and introduces the reader to spirituality and related concepts. It defines spirituality, spiritual distress and relatedExpand
Different Voice, Different Perspective: An arts-based and evocative research response to original voice narratives of suicide
What does being in a suicidal crisis feel like and how can it be expressed? What drives someone to create artworks about people’s experiences of suicide? Why would an individual repeatedly assaultExpand


Spirituality, Psychiatry and Participation: A Cultural Analysis
  • S. Dein
  • Sociology, Medicine
  • Transcultural psychiatry
  • 2005
It is concluded that spirituality is a way of ‘being in the world’ and shares affinities with Tambiah's notion of a participatory mode of thinking. Expand
Religion and spirituality along the suicidal path.
Indications for future research, such as more studies on nonreligious forms of spirituality and the use of qualitative methodology to achieve a better and deeper understanding of the spiritual dimension of suicidal behavior and treatment, are offered. Expand
Multidimensional Measurement of Religiousness/Spirituality for Use in Health Research in Cross-Cultural Perspective
This article explores difficulties that arise when culture is factored into the attempt to develop methods for both describing and measuring religiousness or spirituality as variables in healthExpand
The meaning of spirituality: a literature review.
It is proposed that meeting the spiritual needs of patients is a fundamental part of providing holistic nursing care, but that the assessment and meeting of those needs is impeded by inadequate definitions and conceptual frameworks. Expand
Spirituality, religion, and health. An emerging research field.
The investigation of spiritual/religious factors in health is clearly warranted and clinically relevant and the persistent predictive relationship between religious variables and health, and its implications for future research and practice are explored. Expand
Advances in the conceptualization and measurement of religion and spirituality. Implications for physical and mental health research.
The authors highlight recent advances in the delineation of religion and spirituality concepts and measures theoretically and functionally connected to health and point to areas for areas for growth in Religion and spirituality conceptualization and measurement. Expand
Review of Religion and Mental Health: Prevention and the Enhancement of Psychosocial Functioning
Summary After reviewing a representative sample of the better studies exploring how religion relates to mental disorders, we have discovered several domains of positive association between the two.Expand
In Search of Inner Wisdom: Guided Mindfulness Meditation in the Context of Suicide
Signs are that guided meditation can be a powerful resource for therapists and their clients, suicidal and otherwise, as well as the need for further research. Expand
Spirituality's Potential Relevance to Physical and Emotional Health: A Brief Review of Quantitative Research
Longitudinal studies of community samples consistently find links between active spiritual/religious involvement and increased chances for living longer, pointing to the relevance ofExpand
Psychiatry, Religion and Cognitive Science
  • D. Bathgate
  • Medicine, Psychology
  • The Australian and New Zealand journal of psychiatry
  • 2003
To see whether certain findings in cognitive science can serve to bridge the conceptual gap between psychiatry, particularly in its psychotherapeutic aspects, and religious/spiritual understanding, and to explore the possibility of collaborative research. Expand