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Recognizing embedded caterpillars with weak unit disk contact representations is NP-hard

  title={Recognizing embedded caterpillars with weak unit disk contact representations is NP-hard},
  author={Man-Kwun Chiu and Jonas Cleve and Martin N{\"o}llenburg},
Weak unit disk contact graphs are graphs that admit a representation of the nodes as a collection of internally disjoint unit disks whose boundaries touch if there is an edge between the corresponding nodes. We provide a gadget-based reduction to show that recognizing embedded caterpillars that admit a weak unit disk contact representation is NP-hard. 

Weak Unit Disk Contact Representations for Graphs without Embedding

This work gives a linear time algorithm to recognize whether a caterpillar, a graph where every node is adjacent to or on a central path, allows a weak unit disk contact representation, and shows that it is NP-hard to decide whether a tree allows such a representation.

Recognition of Unit Disk Graphs for Caterpillars, Embedded Trees, and Outerplanar Graphs

This work shows that the recognition of unit disk graphs remains NP-hard for outerplanar graphs and for embedded trees, and shows that given a caterpillar graph, one can decide in linear time whether it is a unit disk graph.

Unit Disk Representations of Embedded Trees, Outerplanar and Multi-legged Graphs

This work proves that it is NP-hard to decide if an outerplanar graph or an embedded tree admits a unit disk contact representation (UDC), and provides a linear-time decidable characterization of caterpillar graphs that admit a UDR.



Recognizing Weighted Disk Contact Graphs

This work reduces the gap between hardness and tractability by analyzing the problem for special graph classes and shows that it remains $$\textsf {NP}$$-hard for outerplanar graphs with unit weights and for stars with arbitrary weights, strengthening the previous hardness results.

Unit disk graph recognition is NP-hard

Realization of Simply Connected Polygonal Linkages and Recognition of Unit Disk Contact Trees

It is strongly NP-hard to decide whether a given polygonal linkage is realizable in the plane when the bodies are convex polygons and their contact graph is a tree; the problem is weakly NP- hard already for a chain of rectangles, but efficiently decidable for a chains of triangles hinged at distinct vertices.

Balanced Circle Packings for Planar Graphs

A number of positive and negative results are provided for the existence of balanced circle packings and circle-contact representations for planar graphs, where the ratio of the largestcircle's diameter to the smallest circle's diameter is polynomial in the number of circles.

The Problem of Compatible Representatives

This paper attaches a name to a natural class of combinatorial problems and points out that the class includes many important special cases, and one special case is shown to be NP-complete.

Planar Formulae and Their Uses

Using these results, it is able to provide simple and nearly uniform proofs of NP-completeness for planar node cover, planar Hamiltonian circuit and line, geometric connected dominating set, and of polynomial space completeness forPlanar generalized geography.

Knuth and Arvind Raghunathan . The problem of compatible representatives

    Knuth and Arvind Raghunathan . The problem of compatible representatives

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