Recognition of and Intervention in Forced Marriage as a Form of Violence and Abuse

  title={Recognition of and Intervention in Forced Marriage as a Form of Violence and Abuse},
  author={Khatidja Chantler},
  journal={Trauma, Violence, \& Abuse},
  pages={176 - 183}
  • K. Chantler
  • Published 29 May 2012
  • Sociology
  • Trauma, Violence, & Abuse
This paper highlights the importance of recognising forced marriage as a form of violence and draws attention to the interventions that are developing in Europe as a response to forced marriage. The paper highlights the difficulties of conflating all child marriages as forced marriage and discusses the different contexts of childhood in different parts of the globe. The UK is reputed to have the widest range of policy interventions and practice guidance to tackle forced marriage and is… 
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