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Recognition and Perceptions of Native Advertising in Media

  title={Recognition and Perceptions of Native Advertising in Media},
  author={Darlene Natale},
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Uloga metodologije razvoja kreativnosti i inovativnosti (eng. design thinking) u prirodnom oglašavanju

In recent years native advertising has been developing into a new revenue model for print media, and is notably being used with online media. Native advertising has gone from being merely a trend in



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Measurement in the Broader Research Context Before the Scale Development After the Scale Administration Final Thoughts References Index about the Author.

Going Native: Effects of Disclosure Position and Language on the Recognition and Evaluation of Online Native Advertising

Despite recent industry attention, questions remain about how native advertising is perceived and processed by consumers. Two experiments examined effects of language and positioning in native

Construction and Validation of a Scale to Measure Celebrity Endorsers' Perceived Expertise, Trustworthiness, and Attractiveness

Abstract The purpose of this study was to develop a scale for measuring celebrity endorsers' perceived expertise, trustworthiness, and attractiveness. Accepted psychometric scale-development

When news sites go native: Redefining the advertising–editorial divide in response to native advertising

Professional journalism’s normative commitment to autonomy has long dictated the separation of editorial functions from advertising. However, the emergent practice of online native advertising

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In a study made in 1915 of employees of two large industrial corporations, it appeared that the estimates of the same man in a number of different traits such as intelligence, industry, technical

A 'Faustian Pact'?: Native Advertising and the Future of the Press

As technology undermines the economic model supporting the traditional press, news organizations are succumbing to the siren call of “native advertising” – a new marketing technique for unobtrusively

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The high credibility version of the website achieved a significantly higher click rate through sponsored Content, because the site's credibility encouraged visitors to explore the site for longer, and because the perception of the site overall 'rubbed off' on the Perception of the Sponsored Content in particular a halo effect.

Laws of organization in perceptual forms.

Theoretically I might say there were 327 brightnesses and nuances of colour. Do I have "327"? No. I have sky, house, and trees. It is impossible to achieve "327 " as such. And yet even though such

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The views on the potential role that online experiments can play within the social sciences are presented, and software development priorities and best practices are recommended.