Recognition, Redistribution and Representation in Capitalist Global Society

  title={Recognition, Redistribution and Representation in Capitalist Global Society},
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Nancy Fraser is a Henry A. and Louise Loeb Professor in the Departments of Philosophy and Political Science of the Graduate Faculty of the New School for Social Research, New York, USA, and is considered one of the leading theorists within the 1990s recognition theoretical turn. She works with analyses of contemporary societal developments from a normatively informed position. Her analytical framework is applicable to current, empirical studies of struggles about recognition and she relates… 
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To be part of progressive political projects, anti-discrimination law needs to be critical of its role in contemporary societies, where it is faced with processes of modernisation that push towards
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The debates on, in, and between feminist and trans* movements have been politically intense at best and aggressively hostile at worst. The key contestations have revolved around three issues: First,
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ABSTRACT This article engages with the autonomist Marxism of John Holloway from a feminist standpoint. The positions developed by this feminist critique are used to shed new light on the land
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In her Inaugural Lecture Janne E. Nijman explores the so-called ‘Turn to History’ in international legal scholarship. Interest in the intellectual history or ‘history of ideas’ of international law
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This thesis argues that the invention of dole-bludger discourse in 1974 was part of a broader struggle to replace Keynesianism with New Right economics. It uses a Gramscian framework to situate its
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This article examines the ways in which the care-indifferent and gendered character of much political egalitarian theory has contributed to a disregard for the care-relational dimensions of social
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This paper examines how alternative economic organizations can fight inequality without help from traditional partners such as social movement organizations. We focus on co-operatives’ successful
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The authors of the article show manifestations of homophobia in a range of Eastern European countries. They use the example of Poland to compare the current situation of LGBT people with that in the
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Resistance to negotiation and the continuation of violence dictate the course of events in the Afghanistan conflict. However, several studies have thoroughly explored the interests of the main
A View from the Inside
The Nordic model is often seen as having succeeded in gaining recognition for care-giving work and as embodying a potentially women friendly state model owing to the availability of publicly provided


Unruly Practices: Power, Discourse and Gender in Contemporary Social Theory
Acknowledgements. Introduction. Part I: Powers, Norms, and Vocabularies of Contestation:. 1. Foucault on Modern Power:. Empirical Insights and Normative Confusions. 2. Michael Foucault: A a Young
John Rawls is Professor Emeritus at Harvard University. He is the author of the well-known and path breaking A Theory of Justice (Harvard, 1971) and the more recent work Political Liberalism
Redistribution or Recognition?: A Political-Philosophical Exchange
In this debate political philosophers Fraser and Honneth set out to advance the discussion in political philosophy regarding the increasingly polarized political positions of redistribution or
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‘an incalculable effect’ subversions of. feminist contentions a philosophical exchange seyla. feminist contentions a philosophical exchange routledge. ‘an incalculable effect’ subversions of.
Heterosexism, misrecognition, and capitalism : A response to Judith Butler
Cet article est une reponse a Judith Butler a propos du caractere simplement culturel attribue a la theorie « queer ». Selon l'A., l'etude de la reconnaissance des identites permet d'elaborer les
Justice Interruptus: Critical Reflections on the "Postsocialist" Condition
Refuting the argument to choose between "the politics of recognition" and the "politics of redistribution," Justice Interruptus integrates the best aspects of both.
Achieving Our Country: Leftist Thought in Twentieth Century America
昨年度より書評欄を設けました。昨年度は、 集中的に特定の研究「リベラリズムとその周辺」 をテーマとして掲げた欄でした。マイケル・サ ンデルの授業がテレビ中継されるようになり、 リベラリズム、コミュニタリアニズム、共和主 義などの政治哲学に注目が集まりました。しか し、そこで議論の対象や方法となっているもの は、単に政治哲学だけにとどまるものではなく、 コミュニケーション学にも大きく関わるもので
1997a) Justice Interruptus: Critical Reflections on the ‘Postsocialist
  • 1997
The Politics of Recognition’, in Amy Gutman (ed.) Multiculturalism
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Rethinking Recognition
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