RecoPhos: full-scale fertilizer production from sewage sludge ash.

  title={RecoPhos: full-scale fertilizer production from sewage sludge ash.},
  author={Harald Weigand and Martin Bertau and Wilfried H{\"u}bner and Fred Bohndick and Axel Bruckert},
  journal={Waste management},
  volume={33 3},
The substitution potential of sewage sludge for German primary phosphate imports has been estimated as 40%. Yet, a marketable option for the full scale recovery has been lacking. This study focuses on a full-scale process for the manufacture of a P-fertilizer from sewage sludge ash (SSA) adapted from the production of Triple Superphosphate. Given (i) conformity of the input with phosphate ores mined from sedimentary deposits, (ii) comparability of the product with a commercially available P… CONTINUE READING