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Reciprocals of exponential polynomials and permutation enumeration

  title={Reciprocals of exponential polynomials and permutation enumeration},
  author={Ira M. Gessel},
  journal={Australas. J Comb.},
  • I. Gessel
  • Published 2019
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
  • Australas. J Comb.
We show that the reciprocal of a partial sum with 2m terms of the alternating exponential series is the exponential generating function for permutations in which every increasing run has length congruent to 0 or 1 modulo 2m. More generally we study polynomials whose reciprocals are exponential generating functions for permutations whose run lengths are restricted to certain congruence classes, and extend these results to noncommutative symmetric functions that count words with the same… Expand
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This work generalizes Gessel's theorem to allow for a much wider variety of restrictions on increasing run lengths, and uses it to complete the enumeration of permutations with parity restrictions on peaks and valleys, and to give a systematic method for obtaining generating functions for permutation statistics that are expressible in terms of increasing runs. Expand
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