Reciprocal translocation (13;20)(q12;q22) in an Icelandic sheep.


Cytogenetic examination of G-banded lymphocyte chromosomes of an Icelandic ram from a line with a history of poor fertility revealed a rcp (13;20) (q12;q22) translocation. Meiotic studies showed a quadrivalent configuration at diakinesis and this was confirmed by C-banding.

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@article{Anamthawatjnsson1992ReciprocalT, title={Reciprocal translocation (13;20)(q12;q22) in an Icelandic sheep.}, author={Kesara Anamthawat-j{\'o}nsson and Susan E. Long and Parvathi K. Basrur and Stef{\'a}n Adalsteinsson}, journal={Research in veterinary science}, year={1992}, volume={52 3}, pages={367-70} }