Reciprocal interactions between Scots pine and soil food web structure in the presence and absence of ectomycorrhiza

  title={Reciprocal interactions between Scots pine and soil food web structure in the presence and absence of ectomycorrhiza},
  author={Heikki M. Set{\"a}l{\"a}},
Mycorrhizal plants are commonly believed to direct much more of their photosynthates into the soil than non-mycorrhizal plants. As the growth of most organisms of the detrital food web is limited by energy, the flow of C through mycorrhizal plants into the below-ground milieu is widely assumed to nourish a variety of decomposer organisms in soils. In the current experiment, I explored whether some representatives of soil mesofauna, either fungivores or microbi-detritivores, derive benefit from… CONTINUE READING
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