Recherches spectrométriques sur les Rayons X

  title={Recherches spectrom{\'e}triques sur les Rayons X},
  author={Alexandre Dauvillier},
  journal={Annales De Physique},
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A History of X-ray absorption fine structure
This historical account of X-ray absorption fine structure (XAFS) spectroscopy from the origin to 1975 begins with the first observations of X-ray absorption edges and the experimental setups used at
Voltage waveform effects on output and penetration of W- and Mo-anode mammographic tubes.
The output and half-value thickness (HVT) for arbitrary voltage waveforms can be calculated if the variation of both quantities with voltage is known under constant-potential (ripple-free)
C.G. Barkla and the J Phenomenon: A Case Study in the Treatment of Deviance in Physics
'average wavelength' parameter was often derived from the absorption coefficient parameter, because this allowed the use of concepts developed during research on light to be employed to think about
The ratio of characteristic to white X-radiation from a copper target
The ratio (k) of the total Kα radiation to the total white radiation emitted by copper target X-ray tubes has been estimated by isolating the contribution of wavelengths near λKα with balanced nickel
Measurement of the Wavelengths of Maximum Intensity for X-Ray Tube Spectra
A new method is described for measuring the wavelength of peak intensity of x-ray tubes. This method employs known absorption data and gives an independent check on crystal spectrometer measurements.
Some Useful X‐Ray Data
The measured mass absorption coefficients of Allen and Wrede for H, Be, C, N, O, F, Na, Al, Si, Cl and Br have been fitted to the ``universal law'' μ/ρ=aλn+c/(1+0.048/λ), by least squares, and the
Kontinuierliche Strahlung und Absorption freier Elektronen
Im Anschlus an die Ionisations- und Rekombinationskontinua haben wir als dritte, zur Emission und Absorption kontinuierlicher Strahlung fuhrende Gruppe von Elektronenubergangen diejenigen zu
III. The existence of the J-phenomena
Summary A full-wave rectification “constant potential” high tension generator has been employed in an attempt to obtain evidence of the existence of J-phenomena. The X-ray tube, of which a
The Output of Various Types of X-ray Machines and the Influence of Wave Form on Quality of X Radiation*
It has been found that for different plants, with the same maximum potential and the same current, the energy-wave-length curves can differ considerably and the total energy may vary by as much as a factor of two.