Receptor tyrosine kinase expression in human bone marrow stromal cells.

  title={Receptor tyrosine kinase expression in human bone marrow stromal cells.},
  author={Kazuhito Satomura and Anna R. Derubeis and Neal S. Fedarko and K Ibaraki-O'Connor and Sergei Kuznetsov and David W. Rowe and Marian Frances Young and Pamela Gehron Robey},
  journal={Journal of cellular physiology},
  volume={177 3},
Bone marrow stromal cells (BMSCs) are a heterogeneous population of cells derived from colony-forming units-fibroblastic (CFU-Fs). These cells reside in the bone marrow cavity and are capable of differentiating into several cell phenotypes including osteoblasts, chondroblasts, hematopoiesis-supporting stromal cells, and adipocytes. However, the factors that regulate the proliferation and differentiation of the BMSC population are for the most part unknown. Since many members of the receptor… CONTINUE READING
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