Receptor-specific allelic exclusion of TCRV alpha-chains during development.

  title={Receptor-specific allelic exclusion of TCRV alpha-chains during development.},
  author={Richard L. Boyd and Ivona Kozieradzki and Ann P. Chidgey and Hans-Willi Mittr{\"u}cker and Denis Bouchard and Emma M. Timms and Kenji Kishihara and Christopher J Ong and Daniel Chui and Jamey D Marth and Tak W Mak and Josef M. Penninger},
  journal={Journal of immunology},
  volume={161 4},
Expression of a single Ag receptor on lymphocytes is maintained via allelic exclusion that generates cells with a clonal receptor repertoire. We show in normal mice and mice expressing functionally rearranged TCR alphabeta transgenes that allelic exclusion at the TCR alpha locus is not operational in immature thymocytes, whereas most mature T cells express a single TCRV alpha-chain. TCRV alpha allelic exclusion in mature thymocytes is regulated through a CD45 tyrosine phosphatase-mediated… CONTINUE READING


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