Receptor-mediated cellular uptake mechanism that couples to intracellular storage.

  title={Receptor-mediated cellular uptake mechanism that couples to intracellular storage.},
  author={Riki Kawaguchi and Jiamei Yu and Mariam Ter-Stepanian and Ming Zhong and Guo Ziang Cheng and Quan Yuan and Minghao Jin and Gabriel H. Travis and David Ong and Hui Sun},
  journal={ACS chemical biology},
  volume={6 10},
Cells are known to take up molecules through membrane transport mechanisms such as active transport, channels, and facilitated transport. We report here a new membrane transport mechanism that employs neither cellular energy like active transport nor a preexisting electrochemical gradient of the free substrate like channels or facilitated transport. Through this mechanism, cells take up vitamin A bound with high affinity to retinol binding protein (RBP) in the blood. This mechanism is mediated… CONTINUE READING


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