Receptor binding of asialoerythropoietin.


The interaction of 125I-asialoerythropoietin (asialoepo) with receptors has been characterized both by binding assay and affinity cross-linking. Purified spleen cells from mice infected with the anemia strain of Friend virus (FVA cells) have receptors for 125I-asialoepo with two classes of affinity constant: one with Kd = 0.02-0.03 nM and 300-400 per cell… (More)


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@article{Dong1992ReceptorBO, title={Receptor binding of asialoerythropoietin.}, author={Yanmei Dong and Ching Kung and Eugene Goldwasser}, journal={Journal of cellular biochemistry}, year={1992}, volume={48 3}, pages={269-76} }