Recently described and emphasized entities of renal neoplasms.

  title={Recently described and emphasized entities of renal neoplasms.},
  author={Steven R. S. Shen and Luan Truong and Alberto G. Ayala and Jae Yoon Ro},
  journal={Archives of pathology & laboratory medicine},
  volume={131 8},
CONTEXT Recent advances of molecular biology and cytogenetics of renal cancer have resulted in the new classification of renal neoplasms and a number of subtypes are identified and emphasized. In addition, rare nonepithelial renal neoplasms are identified and characterized. Familiarity with these entities will help make the most accurate diagnosis and guide the treatment and follow-up of patients with renal neoplasm. OBJECTIVE To review the clinicopathologic entities of renal neoplasms that… CONTINUE READING


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