Recent writings on Robert K Merton: a Listing and some Observations

  title={Recent writings on Robert K Merton: a Listing and some Observations},
  author={Charles Crothers},
  journal={The American Sociologist},
  • C. Crothers
  • Published 10 August 2018
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  • The American Sociologist
Death and the advent of a variety of anniversaries are occasions when a discipline reflects on the accomplishments of its members, propounded by host universities, scholarly associations, focused conferences, journals, as well as the more normal course of the unfolding of a scholar’s influence. The paper attempts to assemble Robert K Merton’s posthumous publications together with the array of works directly relating to his body of sociological work. While it might be expected that particular… 


The Unintended and Unanticipated Consequences of Robert K. Merton
Using the HistCite system of algorithmic historiography, we have created a series of online databases available to the public, which contain bibliographic records and citation links to a series of
Robert K. Merton, 1910–2003
Robert K. Merton had a profound influence on modern social science, and particularly on the study of bureaucracy, deviance, mass communications, social stratification, and sociology of knowledge and of science.
Catching up with Robert Merton
Sociologists of science today take it for granted that science is a collective activity in a profound sense, and it was above all Robert Merton who established this at a time when a misconceived
Merton’s Contribution to the Sociology of Science
This paper is reminiscence and a critique of Robert K. Merton’s work in the sociology of science. The author got to know Merton very well as he served as his student, assistant, and colleague for 15
Merton as Harvard sociologist: engagement, thematic continuities, and institutional linkages.
  • L. Nichols
  • Sociology
    Journal of the history of the behavioral sciences
  • 2010
It is concluded that a fuller appreciation of Merton's "less noticed" decade in Cambridge is indispensable for understanding his overall career, and that it clarifies linkages across sociological work at three universities in the mid-twentieth century.
Many Approaches, but Few Arrivals
Robert Merton's essays on theories of the middle range and his essays on functional explanation and the structural approach are among the most influential in the history of sociology. But their
The Serendipity of Merton’s Communications Research
Though not as well-known as other of his writings, Robert K. Merton’s communications research represents an important body of work. From , when he first joined forces with Paul Lazarsfeld at
The Assault Badly Misses the Mark
The critique of Robert K. Merton in terms of the criteria relevant for the history of methodology is misdirected. Merton has never been a methodologist, and his influential notion of middle-range
The making of criminology revisited
We use a 1987 interview with Robert K. Merton to contribute a chapter to the evolving paradigm of ‘Social Structure and Anomie’ (SS&A). This oral history reveals how Merton's early life experiences