Recent wire array Z-pinch experiments on MAGPIE facility

  title={Recent wire array Z-pinch experiments on MAGPIE facility},
  author={S. V. Lebedev and S. N. Bland and Guy C. Burdiak and J. P. Chittenden and A. Harvey-Thomson and G. N. Hall and Philip de Grouchy and F. A. Suzuki-Vidal and George F. Swadling and Essa Khoory and L. A. Pickworth and Joshua Skidmore},
  journal={2010 Abstracts IEEE International Conference on Plasma Science},
Results of several recent experiments with wire array Z-pinches on the MAGPIE facility (1.5MA, 250ns) will be presented. This will include experiments with generation of supersonic radiatively cooled plasma jets using conical and radial wire arrays. We will also present measurements of the plasma parameters in standard wire arrays and wire arrays made of… CONTINUE READING