Recent trends in oil tanning and its applications - A way forward towards cleaner approach in chamois leather making

  title={Recent trends in oil tanning and its applications - A way forward towards cleaner approach in chamois leather making},
  author={Bindia Sahu and Gladstone Christopher Jayakumar and Jaya Prakash Alla},
  journal={Journal of Cleaner Production},
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Studies on the Development of Benzoyl Peroxide Catalysed Rapid Oil Tanning using Linseed Oil

Leather tanning is a stabilisation process of skin fibers. This is achieved by the interaction of collagen amino acids with tanning agents to stabilise skin from putrefaction. Tanning of collagen

Dyeing of Chamois Leather using Water Soluble Sulphur Dyes

Chamois leathers find application in fuel filtration and cleaning.Recently, use of chamois leathers is explored in the developmentof sports garments, gloves and other personal wear. However,one of

1H NMR Quantification of DHA and EPA in Fish Oil

Fish oil is a popular nutritional product consumed in China. The beneficial effects of fish oil have been attributed to docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA). Hence, it is

Influence of Benzenecarboperoxoic Acid on Chamois Leather Process

Stabilization of collagen against heat and enzyme is a key objective in the tanning process. In oil tanning, fatty acid present in the oil is oxidised mainly into aldehydes which interects with Ԑ

Trends in leather processing: A Review

Tanning is the process by which raw skins and hides are converted to a durable and flexible material which is nonputrescible. Leather has good hydrothermal stability, good mechanical properties, and

Mechanisms of Photosensitized Lipid Oxidation and Membrane Permeabilization

This review focuses on the main mechanisms of photosensitized lipid oxidation and membrane permeabilization, dissecting the consequences of both singlet oxygen and contact-dependent pathways and discussing how these reactions contribute to chemical and biophysical changes in lipid membranes.

A Review of Bio-tanning Materials for Processing of Fish Skin into Leather

Leather is a durable and flexible material created by the tanning of animal raw hide and skin, primarily cattle hide and natural grain, variation in the grains, good breathability and other natural