Recent studies on hydrogen usage in Wankel SI engine

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Use of phased supply of hydrogen additives for improvement of the ecological characteristics of the Wankel rotary engine
The Wankel rotary engine, designed according to Wankel’s scheme, is more adaptable for running on hydrogen fuels than traditional reciprocating engines, possessing lower pre-ignition and backfire
Use of Gasoline, LPG and LPG-HHO Blend in SI Engine: A Comparative Performance for Emission Control and Sustainable Environment
The rising global warming concerns and explosive degradation of the environment requires the mainstream utilization of alternative fuels, such as hydroxy gas (HHO) which presents itself as a viable


Modelling of flame propagation in the gasoline fuelled Wankel rotary engine with hydrogen additives
Recently, hydrogen has been considered as an alternative fuel for a vehicles power unit. The Wankel engine is the most suitable to be adapted to hydrogen feeding. A hydrogen additive helps to