Recent research on alcohol tolerance and dependence.

  title={Recent research on alcohol tolerance and dependence.},
  author={Hiroshi Suwaki and Harold Kalant and Susumu Higuchi and J Christopher F Crabbe and Seitaro Ohkuma and Masashi Katsura and Masami Yoshimura and Ryan C. Stewart and T. K. Li and Friedbert Weiss},
  journal={Alcoholism, clinical and experimental research},
  volume={25 5 Suppl ISBRA},
This article represents the proceedings of a symposium at the 2000 ISBRA Meeting in Yokohama, Japan. The chairs were Hiroshi Suwaki and Harold Kalant. The presentations were (1) Influence of ADH genotypes on acute alcohol withdrawal syndrome in Japanese, by Susumu Higuchi; (2) Use of genetic analyses to refine phenotypes related to alcohol tolerance and dependence, by John C. Crabbe; (3) Neurochemical basis for alcohol dependence, by Seitaro Ohkuma and Masashi Katsura; (4) Adenylyl cyclase and… CONTINUE READING

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