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Recent records of Noctuidae from Malta, with five species new to the European fauna, and a new subspecies.

  title={Recent records of Noctuidae from Malta, with five species new to the European fauna, and a new subspecies.},
  author={Michael Fibiger and Paul Sammut and Anthony Seguna and Aldo Catania},
Recent records ofNoctuoidea from Malta are given. Five noctuid species are recorded from Europe for the first time: Eublemma conistrota Hampson, 1910, Eiiblemma deserti Rothschild, 1909, Anumeta hilgerti (Rothschild 1909), Hadiila deserticula (Hampson 1905), and Eiixoa canariensis Rebel, 1902. New synonyms are stated: Leptosia velocissima f. tarda Turati, 1926, syn. n. and Leptosia griseimargo Warren, 1912, syn. n., both synonyms of Metachrostis velox (Hübner, 1813); and Pseudohadena… Expand

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