Recent progress in oligonucleotide synthesis.

  title={Recent progress in oligonucleotide synthesis.},
  author={W. Pfleiderer and Stefan Matysiak and F. F. M. Van Zinnicq Bergmann and Rainer Schnell},
  journal={Acta biochimica Polonica},
  volume={43 1},
New blocking group combinations for the machine-aided oligoribonucleotide synthesis on solid phase material have been developed and tested regarding their general application. An acetal function for 2'-OH protection offers a series of advantages in the synthetic approach but special conditions have to be fulfilled in order to guarantee a selective cleavage of the temporary 5'-OH blocking group such as the dansylethoxycarbonyl or even the acid-labile dimethoxytrityl group in the chain elongation… CONTINUE READING

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