Recent literature on bryophytes — 117(3)

  title={Recent literature on bryophytes — 117(3)},
  author={W. Roger Buck and Bruce H. Allen},
Abay, G. & T. Keçelı. 2014. Sphagnum molle (Sphagnaceae, Bryophyta) in Turkey and SW Asia. Cryptogamie Bryologie 35(1): 105–112. Acosta-Mercado, D., N. Cancel-Morales, J. D. Chinea, C. J. Santos-Flores & I. Sastre-de Jesús. 2012. Could the canopy structure of bryophytes serve as an indicator of microbial biodiversity? A test for testate amoebae and microcrustaceans from a subtropical cloud forest in Domincan Republic. Microbial Ecology 64(1): 200–213. Afonina, O. M. & E. A. Ignatova. 2013… 
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Recent literature on bryophytes—118(1)
Taxonomic Studies of Lejeuneaceae subfamily LeJeuneoideae in Taiwan in Taiwan shows clear trends in monophyletic relationships, and these trends are likely to continue into the next generation.


Recent literature on bryophytes — 117(1)
This chapter discusses mosses and liverworts of the Sokhondinsky State Reserve in Russia, as well as a revision of Blindia (Seligeriaceae) from southern South America and its relationships among production components.
Bibliografía Botánica Ibérica, 2012. Bryophyta
Spain, including K. blytii (Bruch & Schimp.) Broth. new in Spain. Cryptog. Bryol. 33(3): 263-266 (Flora). 833. BRUGUÉS M. & GONZÁLEZ MANCEBO, J. M. 2012. Lista Roja de los briófitos de España. En: R.
Notes on Early Land Plants Today. 46. Transfer of Vitalianthus urubuensis (Marchantiophyta, Lejeuneaceae) to C heilolejeunea
The examination of type material and recent collections of Vitalianthus urubuensis from Brazil and Colombia reveals that the hyaline papilla of the leaf lobule is distal as in Cheilolejeunea (Spruce 1884: 79) Schiffner (1893: 118) (Fig. 1E,F).
A Preliminary Survey of Bryophytes in the Central Province of Sri Lanka
A preliminary survey was carried out in the Central Province of Sri Lanka to aid future bryological research in the country and has identified 15 liverworts, 27 mosses and 2 hornwort, with 12 new species records in Sri Lanka.
Bryophilous ascomycetes everywhere: Distribution maps of selected species on liverworts, mosses and Polytrichaceae*
The biogeographical distributions of 21 selected species of ascomata-forming fungi that grow obligately on bryophyte gametophytes have been compiled and are presented as 27 dot maps, verifying the hitherto largely ignored fact that many ascomycetes are widespread, and are regularly associated with brysophytes.
Taxonomic status of Ulota tanganyikae la Varde (Orthotrichaceae, Bryopsida) from Africa
Re-examination of the type material of U. tanganyikae has revealed that the species exhibits morphological characters of the genus Orthotrichum Hedw.
New national and regional bryophyte records, 38
New national and regional bryophyte records, 38 L. T. Ellis, J. Bayliss, M. A. Bruggeman-Nannenga, B. Cykowska, R. Ochyra, N. J. M. Gremmen, J.-P. Frahm, T. A. Hedderson, P. Heras, V. M. Infante, V.
Notes on Early Land Plants Today. 45. A correction
Despite the generic name itself being illegitimate, names published under Schizophyllum (R.M.Schust.) Vaňa & L.Soderstr.
Three new records of Jungermannia species (Hepaticae, Jungermanniales) from Nepal
This paper deals with three new records of Jungermannia exertifolia, pumila and infusca which were recorded in the year 2010 and 2011 at different elevations in Chitwan district of central Nepal.
Dichelyma (Fontinalaceae, Bryophyta) in Russia
Four species of Dichelyma are known at present in Russia: D. capillaceum (With.) Myrin, D. falcatum (Hedw.) Myrin, D. japonicum Cardot and D. uncinatum Mitt. The latter species is newly reported for