Recent developments on large-area CCDs for professional applications

  title={Recent developments on large-area CCDs for professional applications},
  author={Jan T. Bosiers and Erik-Jan P. Manoury and Wilco Klaassens and Holger Stoldt and R L J Leenen and Harry van Kuijk and Herman L. Peek and Walter T. F. M. de Laat and Teledyne},
Introduction Though CMOS is taking over from CCD in many application areas, CCDs are still the preferred solution for some very-large (>35mm format) imagers for professional photography and for large field-of-view digital aerial photogrammetry applications. This paper first focuses on some recent developments w.r.t. technology and design, and then presents a 60M-pixel CCD for photography and 32Mand 250M-pixel CCDs for aerial photogrammetry incorporating some of the presented new technology and… CONTINUE READING