Recent developments in SWL physics research.

  title={Recent developments in SWL physics research.},
  author={Pei Zhong and Xiao-li Xi and Songlin Zhu and Franklin Hadley Cocks and Glenn M. Preminger},
  journal={Journal of endourology},
  volume={13 9},
Two projects in our laboratory highlight some recent developments in shockwave lithotripsy (SWL) physics research. In the first project, we developed a prototype of a piezoelectric annular array (PEAA) shockwave generator that can be retrofitted on a Dornier HM-3 lithotripter for active control of cavitation during SWL. The PEAA generator, operating at 15 kV, produces a peak positive pressure of approximately 8 MPa with a -6-dB beam diameter of 5 mm. The shockwave generated by the PEAA was used… CONTINUE READING
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