Recent data on intratumor estrogens in breast cancer.

  title={Recent data on intratumor estrogens in breast cancer.},
  author={Per Eystein L\onning and Ben P. Haynes and Anne Hege Straume and Anita K Dunbier and Hildegunn Helle and Stian Knappskog and Mitch Dowsett},
  volume={76 8},
The contribution of local synthesis versus circulatory delivery of normal breast as well as breast cancer tissue estrogens has remained a controversial area for decades. Novel data on tissue estrogen levels confirm a positive normal breast tissue to plasma concentration gradient for estrone, and to a smaller extent estradiol. Remarkably, this gradient is similar for pre- and post-menopausal women. Together with pharmacokinetic data on estrogen disposition, these findings suggest plasma and… CONTINUE READING