Recent clinical aspects of hyperprolactinemia induced by antipsychotics.

  title={Recent clinical aspects of hyperprolactinemia induced by antipsychotics.},
  author={Walter Milano and Cosimo Walter D'Acunto and Michele De Rosa and Michela Festa and L. CASELLATO Milano and Claudio Petrella and Anna Maria Capasso},
  journal={Reviews on recent clinical trials},
  volume={6 1},
This review will address the current understanding of the relationship between hyperprolactinemia and antipsychotic drugs. Hyperprolactinemia is a frequent but often neglected side effect of typical, but also of many atypical antipsychotics. Release of PRL from lactotrope cells is influenced by several factors, such as stress, physical and sexual activity and food assumption. PRL secretion is regulated by hypothalamic-pituitary portal system and its homeostasis is the result of a complex… CONTINUE READING