Recent changes in the glaciers of Heard Island

  title={Recent changes in the glaciers of Heard Island},
  author={Ian Allison and Peter L. Keage},
  journal={Polar Record},
  pages={255 - 272}
ABSTRACT Heard Island, a heavily glacierized volcanic island in the Southern Ocean, is 80% ice-covered, with glaciers descending from 2,400 m to sea level: major glaciers are up to 7 km long with areas exceeding 10 km. Much of the island was photographed from the air in 1947 and again in early 1980. Photographs and limited ground surveys record changes (mostly retreats) in glacier fronts. Retreat is most marked on the eastern flanks where former tidewater glaciers are now grounded inland… 

Glacier Recession on Heard Island, Southern Indian Ocean

ABSTRACT Glacier retreat has been widespread on Heard Island, an isolated 2745-m-high volcano in the southern Indian Ocean, since the first observations in 1947. This study represents the first

Glacier fluctuations on South Georgia during the 1970s and early 1980s

South Georgia is a highly glacierized island with a range of glacier types including corrie, valley and tidewater ice bodies. Glaciologically, it occupies a strategic location between South America

Geomorphology of the Sub-Antarctic Australian Territory of Heard Island-McDonald Island

The geomorphology of Heard Island-McDonald Island is primarily the product of close interplay between volcanism, glaciation, and vigorous marine processes in a stormy sub-Antarctic environment. The

Glacier retreat and melt-lake expansion at Stephenson Glacier, Heard Island World Heritage Area

Abstract Historical records, recent observations, and geomorphological evidence indicate that rates of retreat and downwasting of the tidewater Stephenson Glacier, and concurrent expansion of

Coastal studies at Heard Island 1992/93: Changes in sea surface temperature and coastal landforms

Sea temperature was measured weekly at Spit Bay, Heard Island, from April 1992 to March 1993. Temperatures were generally higher than those recorded in 1949 (at Atlas Cove), but these sites are not


The purpose of this paper is to summarise and discuss the changes in glaciers, king penguins and fur seals reported by the nine wintering parties and 11 summer expeditions that have visited Heard

Identification of Von Karman Vortices in the Surface Winds of Heard Island

Heard Island (73°30' E, 53°05' S) is an isolated island inthe sub-Antarctic located in a region of strong westerly winds. The dominanttopographic feature is a large glaciated volcano, which peaks at



Volcanic activity on Heard Island

As mentioned in a recent issue of Polar Record (1985, 22(140): 552), Heard Island was observed erupting on 14 and 15 January 1985. We observed the volcanic activity from the research vessel Marion

Changes in Global Surface Temperature From 1880 to 1977 Derived From Historical Records of Sea Surface Temperature

Abstract A preliminary analysis based primarily on historical records of sea surface temperature (SST) gives estimates of the change since 1880 of global, hemispheric and zonal average surface

The conservation status of Heard Island and the McDonald Islands

For all its area, the subantarctic region has few land outcrops and those which do occur, with the exception of Heard Island and the McDonald Islands, have been extensively and irreversibly

Some Synoptic Indices of the Southern Hemisphere Mean Sea Level Circulation 1972–77

Abstract A set of 10 synoptic indices for the Southern Hemisphere is presented based on the first five years of numerical analysis by the Australian Bureau of Meteorology. The indices describe the

Antarctic earth science

Preface Acknowledgements Sir Douglas Mawson Symposium opening ceremony 1. Precambrian East Antarctic craton 2. East Antarctica-West Antarctica boundary and the Ross Orogen, including Northern

Estimation of Recent Climate Change in Irian Jaya by Numerical Modeling of its Tropical Glaciers

An attempt to estimate climatic change from the retreat of small mountain glaciers is made for the tropical Carstensz Glacier and Meren Glacier in Irian Jaya, Indonesia.The central flowline of each...

Cloudiness and Precipitation in the Southern Hemisphere

The total cloudiness over all or part of the Southern Hemisphere has been discussed by Brooks (1927), Landsberg (1945), Vowinckel and van Loon (1957), Clapp (1964) and Sadler (1969), and is shown in

Climates of the oceans

''Climates of the Oceans'' deals with the atmosphere over the world oceans and provides a treatment not only of the climatic elements such as temperature, pressure, wind, precipitation etc., but also

Heard Island Reconnaissance, 1969