[Recent changes and the present situation of the Tunisian population].


Recent developments in the spatial distribution of Tunisia's population are summarized using data from the 1966, 1975, and 1980 censuses. Larger cohorts of women of childbearing age and higher rates of return migration are cited as factors contributing to the overall population growth rate. Within the country, the authors focus on changes in population density between inland and coastal areas and between northern and southern regions. The pace of urbanization in small and medium-sized towns relative to that of Tunis is noted, and labor force problems resulting from demographic changes are considered.

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@article{Miosseckchir1983RecentCA, title={[Recent changes and the present situation of the Tunisian population].}, author={S Miossec-kchir and J M Miossec}, journal={Méditerranée médicale}, year={1983}, volume={50 4}, pages={87-93} }