Recent alcohol intake and suicidality — a neuropsychological perspective

  title={Recent alcohol intake and suicidality — a neuropsychological perspective},
  author={H. O’connell and Brian A Lawlor},
  journal={Irish Journal of Medical Science},
BackgroundAlcohol use disorders and suicidal behaviours are among the most prevalent and damaging of all psychiatric phenomena in Ireland and worldwide. Furthermore, alcohol use both chronic and acute has long been identified as a potent risk factor for suicidal behaviour.AimsIn this paper, the authors review the observational and experimental evidence for the acute neuropsychological effects of alcohol intake on suicidal ideation and behaviour.MethodsA selective review of the literature was… 

Substance Use Disorders and Adolescent Psychopathology

This review provides a broad and basic overview of the research evidence indicating a strong co-occurrence of drug use disorders (abuse and dependence) with externalizing and internalizing disorders, as well as a few other serious mental health conditions among adolescents.

Suicide Ideation Among College Students: A Multivariate Analysis

Depressive symptoms, low social support, affective dysregulation, and father-child conflict were each independently associated with suicide ideation, while parental conflict was not.

The subjective, rather than the disinhibiting, effects of alcohol are related to binge drinking.

  • A. RoseL. Grunsell
  • Medicine, Psychology
    Alcoholism, clinical and experimental research
  • 2008
Risk of binge drinking in nondependent individuals is not strongly affected by impulsive personality characteristics or alcohol's ability to induce behavioral disinhibition, but alcohol did lead to a priming effect and bingers were more tolerant to the sedative and lightheaded effects of alcohol relative to placebo.

Alcohol Ingestion and Age of Death in Hanging Suicides

A clear relationship between alcohol ingestion and younger age was shown in hanging suicides, and a similar linear relationship betweenalcohol ingestion and age was found for cases with blood alcohol levels >0.05 g/100 mL.

Comparison of Autobiographical Memory Overgenerality among Treated and Untreated Addicted Depressed Boy Adolescents

The main aim of this study was to Comparison of Autobiographical Memory Overgenerality between Treated and Untreated Addicted Depressed Boy Adolescents. The numbers of the samples were 76

Unnatural and Violent Death in Cases with High Blood Alcohol Concentration— Autopsy Study

The distribution of age, gender, cause, and circumstances of death in persons who died in an unnatural and violent manner, with a blood alcohol concentration higher than 0.3 g/dL, was explored.

Suicidal Ideation in Relation to Self-Esteem among University Students

الملخص : The aim of this study was to investigate the suicidal ideation in relation to the total level of self-esteem among first year junior students. To achieve the goals of the study, a suicidal

Autobiographical and semantic memory of adolescent drug users Memória autobiográfica e semântica em adolescentes usuários de drogas

The group of drug users had more difficulties in accessing autobiographical memory and semantic memory and some hypotheses might be raised: users presented cognitive complications that make difficult the access to long-term memories, as well as others related to the dynamics of drug use.



Acute alcohol use and suicidal behavior: a review of the literature.

The case-crossover design may help to overcome some limitations of these studies and facilitate evaluation of associations and possible causal mechanisms by which acute alcohol use is linked to suicidal behavior.

Biological markers for suicidal behavior in alcohol dependence

  • P. Gorwood
  • Medicine, Psychology
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The influence of alcohol drinking and alcohol use disorders on psychiatric disorders and suicidal behavior.

Comorbidity is common among suicide victims, and substance use disorders is most frequently combined with depressive disorders, and alcohol abuse worsens the course of psychiatric disorders.

Alcohol and suicidal behavior.

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Dying for a drink

  • T. Foster
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In a recently reported time series analysis a significant positive relation between per capita alcohol consumption and gender and age specific suicide rates was revealed most often in dry (low consumption) cultures (northern Europe) and least often in wet cultures (southern Europe).

Nearly lethal suicide attempt — implications for research and prevention

The importance of suicide as a public health problem in Ireland is highlighted by documents and initiatives such as Suicide in Ireland, A National Study,' the Report of National Task Force on Suicide and the important work being undertaken by organisations such as The Irish Association of Suicidology and Aware.

Lifetime risk of suicide for affective disorder, alcoholism and schizophrenia

The lifetime suicide risk figures often quoted in the literature appear to be too high, based on data from 1921–1975 and calculations performed before computerised modelling techniques became available.

Alcoholism, alcohol intoxication, and suicide attempts.

A total of 34 patients were admitted to the hospital with wounds inflicted in suicide attempts, 29 were alcoholics and two behavioral syndromes and a high incidence of amnesia and denial were identified.

Alcohol and attempted suicide.

Alcohol misuse is best treated before major alcohol-related problems develop and those responsible for assessing cases of attempted suicide should be adept at detecting alcohol misuse and instituting appropriate management.

Suicide attempts and alcohol consumption in an emergency room sample.

Alcohol consumption prior to the suicide attempt is a more important risk factor than the habitual alcohol consumption pattern.