Recent advances in wavelet analyses: Part 2—Amazon, Parana, Orinoco and Congo discharges time scale variability

  title={Recent advances in wavelet analyses: Part 2—Amazon, Parana, Orinoco and Congo discharges time scale variability},
  author={D. Labat and J. Ronchail and J. Guyot},
  journal={Journal of Hydrology},
This paper is devoted to illustrating new wavelet analysis methods in the field of hydrology. New wavelet indicators are applied to long-term hydrological and climatologic proxies. They are first applied to four Atlantic large river monthly discharges (Amazon, Parana, Orinoco and Congo) and then applied to two well-known long-term climatologic indexes: the Southern Oscillation and the North Atlantic Oscillation. This approach makes it possible to suggest physical explanations for time scale… Expand
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