Recent advances in the chemistry of spinosyns.

  title={Recent advances in the chemistry of spinosyns.},
  author={Gary D. Crouse and Thomas C. Sparks and Janemarie Schoonover and James Gifford and James E. Dripps and Toby J. A. Bruce and Lory L. Larson and J R Garlich and Chris Hatton and Robert L. Hill and Thomas V Worden and Jacek Martynow},
  journal={Pest management science},
  volume={57 2},
The spinosyns are a new class of fermentation-derived insect control agents that are effective against a variety of chewing insect pests. The successful introduction of spinosad into the agricultural marketplace represents an important milestone in the use of natural products for commercial pest control. The development of a natural product presents additional limitations relative to a synthetic material. While the latter affords some degree of control in building appropriate physical… CONTINUE READING

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