Recent advances in intraocular drug delivery systems.

  title={Recent advances in intraocular drug delivery systems.},
  author={Tsutomu Yasukawa and Yasuhiko Tabata and Hideya Kimura and Yuichiro Ogura},
  journal={Recent patents on drug delivery & formulation},
  volume={5 1},
Vitreoretinal diseases are refractory to both topical and systemic pharmacological approaches because of specific environment of the eye. That is, the cornea, the sclera, nasolacrimal drainage of tears, frontward stream of aqueous humor, blood-aqueous barrier, and blood-retinal barrier strictly limit penetration and diffusion of drug into the retina. However, recent advances in intraocular drug delivery systems (DDS) have enabled drug to be delivered effectively into the eye. Clinically… CONTINUE READING
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