Recent advances in characterization of Echinococcus antigen B.

  title={Recent advances in characterization of Echinococcus antigen B.},
  author={Wulamu Mamuti and Yasuhito Sako and Minoru Nakao and Ning Xiao and Kazuhiro Nakaya and Yuji Ishikawa and Hiroshi Yamasaki and Marshall W. Lightowlers and Akira Ito},
  journal={Parasitology international},
  volume={55 Suppl},
Antigen B (AgB) in hydatid cyst fluid of Echinococcus granulosus is a polymeric lipoprotein of 160 kDa and a highly immunogenic major antigen in echinococcal infection. The antigen is comprised of a group of subunit monomers of approximately 8 kDa in molecular size. Recent studies have revealed that the E. granulosus AgB (EgAgB) shows a high degree of genetic variability and the genes encoding the EgAgB 8-kDa subunit monomers that have been identified to date could be grouped into four clades… CONTINUE READING

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