Recent advances in MRI of articular cartilage.

  title={Recent advances in MRI of articular cartilage.},
  author={G. E. Gold and Christina A Chen and Seungbum Koo and Brian A. Hargreaves and Neal K. Bangerter},
  journal={AJR. American journal of roentgenology},
  volume={193 3},
OBJECTIVE MRI is the most accurate noninvasive method available to diagnose disorders of articular cartilage. Conventional 2D and 3D approaches show changes in cartilage morphology. Faster 3D imaging methods with isotropic resolution can be reformatted into arbitrary planes for improved detection and visualization of pathology. Unique contrast mechanisms allow us to probe cartilage physiology and detect changes in cartilage macromolecules. CONCLUSION MRI has great promise as a noninvasive… CONTINUE READING